Control+ (aka Powered Up), new hub and motors and some clarification

Powered Up vs. Power Functions

The recently introduced LEGO Technic 42099 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader set has some new components, a 4 port Bluetooth hub and new L and XL motors. In this video I’m testing the new motors and try to compare their performance with their Power Functions counterparts:

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Lego RC basics – 3. Controllers

In this episode of the Lego RC basics tutorial series we are focusing on the different controllers available for Power Functions and Powered Up. The following control solutions are presented:

– Power Functions Infrared receivers/remotes

– SBrick

– BuWizz

– CaDa 2.4GHz battery & remote

– Boost

– Powered Up


Lego RC basics video tutorial series – introduction

I’m starting a new Lego Technic tutorial series focusing on the Power Functions parts and other electric components that can be used to make a Lego model remote controlled. I’ll try to make it clear and simple, so don’t expect immediately some advanced RC trickery – the aim is to help the ones who are not that familiar yet with the Lego RC world.

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