Controlling PF IR, SBrick, BuWizz & Powered Up with a single app and a game controller – BrickController 2

Let me show you the app that I use for most of my LEGO RC stuff – the great BrickController 2 created by Istvan Murvai.

You can control almost anything you have:

all of these with an Android compatible gamepad! I use the ipega PG-9025, it is tested and working well with the application.

You can download the app from the Android Play Store here. An iOS version is currently under development, will let you know once it is released.


  1. Hello,
    I tried to use BrickController 2 to find Power Functions Infrared but can’t find any device….. Do you have video to show show to connect it??

    Thank you

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  3. I just downloaded this and when I try to find devices it says something like “click scan to find devices” but there is no scan button…. so how are you meant to do that? What a shame there is no manual or instruvtions for this app because it does look promising.

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