Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I get if I buy the building instructions on your site?
  • All of my remote control mods have high quality digital building instructions. You can download the free 42077 Rally Car 2WD mod instructions to see how they look like.
  • After the payment is completed, how long does it take to get the instructions? Do I need to do anything?
  • Once the payment is completed you get the link to download the instructions automatically via e-mail. Please make sure you enter your correct e-mail address during the checkout process. Sometimes e-mails can be incorrectly identified as spam, please also check your spam / junk folders. If you don’t receive the e-mail within an hour please contact me via
  • Do you sell bricks or sets as well?
  • No, you can only purchase the digital building instructions directly on my site. The additional motors/parts for each set can be purchased in one pack via MOCHUB, or I can suggest to use the “buy parts” section of, you need to scroll down on the specific upgrade pack page to access it.
  • Do I need only the motors to make a set remote controlled or other parts as well?
  • It depends on the pack itself, but usually you need some Power Functions components and some extra LEGO(c) pieces as well. The part list is accessible at the end of the instructions and also on (linked on every product page).
    • If you have all the pieces needed then you can purchase the instructions only.
    • If you have the Power Functions components but you need the rest then you can purchase the “without Power Functions” upgrade pack from MOCHUB for the specific modification. The instructions are already included in the price.
    • If you need all the parts then you can purchase the full upgrade pack from MOCHUB, instructions are already included in the price.
    • If you have some but not all pieces necessary then you can contact MOCHUB for a custom quote:
  • Do you have instructions to motorize the Bugatti or the Porsche GT3 RS?
  • I don’t have instructions for these sets as they are too big and heavy for a proper motorization.

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