LEGO® Powered Up summary

Important update – In June 2023 LEGO decided to update the Powered Up app with a new code block design, but still didn’t provide any documentation. I am unsure when I will have time and resources to update my Code block guide. If you are still using the 3.x.x version of the app, the guide is available here.

Last updated: 1/11/2021

This page is created to collect and share the latest information about the LEGO® Powered Up platform.



The LEGO Powered Up system is the successor of the LEGO Power Functions system. It uses Bluetooth connection instead of infrared, it can use sensors and interactive motors besides the lights and standard motors. LEGO Boost offers a complete visual programming environment in the Boost app, some programming elements are also available in the Powered Up app. LEGO Control+ is the name for the app dedicated to the Technic sets using the new components. The new system uses a mobile/tablet application for control and there’s a 2 channel physical remote controller available as well. The connectors are not compatible with the Power Functions system therefore it is not possible to connect any of the Power Functions motors/lights/etc. It is possible however to control the IR receiver from the Powered Up app with the help of the Color & Distance sensor. The educational Spike Prime set also uses components that use the same Powered Up connector, although it has its own Scratch-based coding environment. The new 51515 Mindstorms Robot Inventor set also uses compatible hardware.

The future of Power Functions

Power Functions was discontinued at the end of 2020 with the following exceptions:

  • 8878 Power Functions Rechargeable battery box → Exited 31.12.2018
  • 45517 Transformer 10V DC  → Exits 31.12.2021

Powered Up vs. Control+

The app that controls the sets 42099 X-Treme Off-Roader, the 42100 Liebherr R9800 and the 42109 App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car and other Technic sets is called Control+. This is the set-specific app for Technic, but it only has controls for the specific models and there are no customization options built in.

The hub and the motors in these sets also belong to the Powered Up family (sometimes called Power Functions 2 or PF2), so they share the same port and protocol like the Powered Up, Boost, Spike Prime or 51515 Mindstorms sets. The app that has and will have the ability to control all these elements is the Powered Up app. It has some set-specific control interfaces for the non-Technic sets (e.g. trains, App-controlled Batmobile etc.), but the main feature is the free play coding area where the components can be controlled with Boost-style program blocks. The 3.5.0 update of the Powered Up app brought us the first iteration of the customizable control interface.

Sets available with Powered Up components

Powered Up components available separately

  • 88005 LED Light
    • similar to the 8870 Power Functions light, except for the new connector and a new style of splitter part in the middle without studs
  • 88006 Move Hub (Boost)
    • can be fully controlled with the Boost app, it has 2 independent inner motors, 2 external ports for motors/sensors and a built-in tilt sensor
  • 88007 Color & Distance Sensor
    • can be used to detect 6 different colors, light intensity and object distance, it can be also used to control the Power Functions IR receiver from the app
  • 88008 Medium Linear Motor (Boost)
    • it has speed / power control and relative position reporting, that means it can report the current position compared to the relative zero which is by default the position where it was turned on
  • 88009 Hub (City)
    • can be controlled with the Powered Up app, the size is identical to the 88000 Power Functions AAA battery box, also needs 6 AAA batteries to operate, it has 2 external ports for motors / sensors
  • 88010 Remote Control
    • it can connect to the 88009 hub, connects up to 5 different hubs giving access to different 10 channels
  • 88011 Train Motor
    • similar to the 88002 Power Functions train motor except for the new style connector, this motor has only power control
  • 45303 Simple Medium Linear Motor
    • similar to the 8883 Power Functions Medium motor, except for the new style connector, it has 4 studs on the top-front part and only has 3 pin holes for connection on the front (the top one is missing), this motor has only power control
  • 88013 Technic Large Motor
    • It has a new form factor, it has an absolute encoder meaning there’s a hardware zero position that the motor can use for various functions, e.g. for acting like a servo motor
  • 88014 Technic XL motor
    • It has a new form factor, it has an absolute encoder meaning there’s a hardware zero position that the motor can use for various functions, e.g. for acting like a servo motor
  • 88012 Technic hub
    • This hub appeared in 42099 & 42109, 42100 has two of them, it has 4 ports and it is powered by 6 AA batteries. It has a built-in gyroscope.
  • 45602 Technic Large Angular Motor
    • Available in the Spike Prime set, this motor has an absolute encoder
  • 45603 Technic Medium Angular Motor
    • Available in the Spike Prime set (and will be available in the 51515 Mindstorms Robot inventor set in a different color), this motor has an absolute encoder
  • 45606 Technic Force Sensor
    • It measures pressures of up to 10 Newtons (~1kg), also works as a touch sensor with pressed/released/bumped detection
  • 45604 Technic Distance Sensor
    • Sound wave sensor features 1-200cm range with +/- 1cm accuracy 
    • It also has a built-in 6 pin connector for 3rd/DIY peripherals
  • 45605 Color Sensor
    • Detects colors, measures intensity of reflected white light and ambient light
  • 45601 Technic Large Hub for Spike Prime
    • 6 input/output ports
    • 5×5 LED light matrix display
    • speaker
    • 6-axis gyroscope
    • rechargeable battery
    • microUSB port

Official applications available

App/hub/remote connection options

With the current Boost application it is only possible to connect to a single hub. With the 3.0 release of the Powered Up app it is possible to connect to 4 different hubs simultaneously, they can be different types (Boost / Technic / City). With the remote it is possible connect to 5 different hubs so there are 10 channels to control. Each hub will be color coded, it is possible to switch between them with the press of the green button on the remote. It is also possible to assign multiple hubs to the same channel of the remote, so multiple hubs (outputs) can be controlled with the same button on the remote. Example and pairing process is demonstrated in this video.

App/hub/remote compatibility list

  • Boost app with 88006 Boost hub
    • controls the 88008 Medium Linear Motor, 88007 Color & Distance Sensor
    • also controls the hub’s two internal motors, can use them as an input and can use the hub’s internal tilt sensor as an input
    • does not work with the 88005 LED Light, 88011 Train Motor, 45303 Simple Medium Linear Motor
    • it cannot connect to the 88009 Hub
  • Powered Up app with 88009 Hub
    • Batmobile sub-app
      • controls the 88011 Train Motor, 45303 Simple Medium Linear Motor, 88008 Medium Linear Motor
      • does not work with the 88005 LED Light and 88007 Color & Distance Sensor
      • it connects to the 88006 Boost hub and controls the two internal motors (A & B outputs)
    • Train sub-app
      • controls the 88011 Train Motor and 88005 LED Light (only one motor and one light, does not work with 2 motors / 2 lights)
      • does not work with the 45303 Simple Medium Linear Motor, 88008 Medium Linear Motor and 88007 Color & Distance Sensor
      • it connects to the 88006 Boost hub and controls one train motor and one light connected to the 2 external outputs (C & D)
    • Programming environment
      • controls the 88011 Train Motor, 45303 Simple Medium Linear Motor, 88008 Medium Linear Motor, 88005 LED Light, can use the 88007 Color & Distance Sensor
      • It can also connect to the Boost hub and control the internal motors and connected peripherals
      • it can connect to 4 different hubs simultaneously
      • it can use the WeDo 2.0 sensors (tilt and distance) connected to both hubs (Boost and PU)
      • It can use the 88010 Remote Control as an input device
      • It has a simple 2 slider + 3 button customizable interface and a joystick / turbo button + 3 button interface.
  • Control with the the 88010 Remote Control
    • It connects to the 88009 Hub and can control the two outputs, can be used e.g. with the Batmobile and the trains but also other custom creations.
    • Different motors have different control options – for the train motor the up/down buttons increments through 10 speed settings, for the medium motors it offers a “bang-bang” style control, they only have zero or full power state.
    • Can connect to the Boost hub and control either the two internal motors or motors connected to the C & D ports
  • Control+ app with the Technic 4 port hub
    • The Control+ app only offers an interface to control the Technic sets equipped with Powered Up hardware. There’s no possibility to customize it, the Powered Up app has this ability.

3rd party applications compatible with Powered Up

  • BrickController 2
    • iOS version
    • Android version
    • This application is designed to use a gamepad connected to the mobile device and control the following units: Power Functions infrared, Powered Up, BuWizz, SBrick. Video demonstration available here.
    • The app can fully control the current range of motors with the AAA and the AA hub as well, including proper servo support with calibration and custom zero position.
  • The Brick automation project
    • Windows 10 version
    • This application is designed for train control and other automation projects. It is compatible with Powered Up, Boost, SBrick, BuWizz, WeDo 2.0 and EV3.
  • BuWizz app
    • The BuWizz app can connect to the Technic (AA) hub. It offers classic motor speed control, does not have yet the ability to control the L and XL motors as a return to center servo.

My Powered Up video playlist (tutorials & guides)

My playlist with the Control+ sets (reviews and upgrades)


  1. Thankyou for the informative article. I do have a question though.

    Above, when describing what app can power what motor, you mention that the:
    “Train sub-app… does not work with the 45303 Simple Medium Linear Motor”

    Yet at the 2min 32sec mark of this video:

    you seem to show just that. It’s even speed controlled! 🙂

    Is there something i’m missing? I’m only just learning PUP, and thought that besides coding a quick program, there was no way to have the motor speed controlled via the Train app? Well, it doesn’t work on my app anyway. :/

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • That video was made in January, after the latest app/firmware update the Train app does not control the M motor anymore. I try to keep the list up to date following the latest changes, my older videos might not reflect the same behaviour.

  2. Hello and thanks a lot for all the helpful information on PoweredUp and its non-LEGO ecosystem here and elsewhere on your page! (I am just learning about all this.) I will be visiting here more regularly.
    Surprising (and bit of a shock, really) to read that the newest and most capable hub in the Technic sets can only be controlled by LEGO’s Control+ app. I thought these elements were all supposed to be compatible?
    What I am trying to do is to use the 4-port hub for MODs and MOCs, ideally with a programming possibility (e.g. interface with Scratch). If that is not possible, it is a strong argument against the 42100 Liebherr R9800 – unfortunately.
    Unless I rely on the creativity of fellow AFOLs who have repeatedly come up with solutions to extend LEGO outside of its sandbox.
    Looking forward to any further development and information on this!

    • The Powered Up ecosystem is still evolving, and the software part still has some core components missing. The Powered Up app will have the possibility for custom control, I expect a Boost-style visual programming interface, an upgrade to the current free programming area with support for the Technic hub and the new motors.
      Another (non-programmable) option is the BrickController2 app which already supports the Technic hub.

  3. 45303 Simple Medium Linear Motor
    Is it in the wedo 2.0 ?
    Can the PU app work with the core of wedo?

  4. a new Q:
    THE lego 75253 starwars boost app
    work with 88009 hub?

  5. Can the 75253-starwars-boost-app work with the 88009 Hub?

  6. Hi there, can the 88011 Train Motor be powered and controlled by the LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Smarthub?

  7. Does the 88010 work with the control+ sets like the 42109 Rally Car?

    • I tried and could not get it to work. Disappointed that my son has to use my (expensive) cell phone. Could you confirm? Maybe I’m not doing it right.

  8. Which version of BlueTooth is necessary to communicate with the hub?
    Because I’m looking for a cheap Android phone and a USB/BlueTooth dongle to plug on a Raspberry Pi or an EV3 brick.

  9. hello ,the new POWERED UP (Version 3.1.1) said:

    We are introducing LEGO Power Functions 1 support! Yes, you are now able to use your old Power Functions hardware with the LEGO Powered Up app.

    Could you try this, please? It is a bit techy,

  10. Would the 88010 Remote Control connect to the new technic hub? Have you tried?

    • It does not connect to the hub directly as it does not have default behaviors without the app. You can use it with the Technic hub through the Powered Up app.

      • Thank you for clarifying this. I would have another question, would the 88009 Hub work with the new technic motors? Controlled by the 88010 Remote Control?

        (Currently we have one 88009 Hub and pair of simple wedo motors. I am considering buying second hub and pair of motors so that our sons don’t fight about them:). And I prefer they could control it themselves using the 88010 and don’t require the mobile app… The technic motors are clearly a better value for future… so the missing piece is the simple controller.)

        Thank you very much for sharing all those information here. Its sad LEGO has so lame support and lack of official specs or compatibility table.

        • It’s a good question, I just quickly tested it for you and I can confirm that they are working. You won’t have speed control as they run at max power and probably won’t be able to use it for steering with the L motor, but for a simple tracked vehicle like 42065 or 42095 it should be working.

  11. I noticed in your app and hub compatibility list that you didn’t cover the Mindstorms RIS hub and app or the Spike hub and app. Any plans on adding the to the list?
    Great job and the documentation you have created in the void that LEGO left. We can only hope they start publishing something.

  12. Thanks for this guide, and especially the coding block guide as well. I hope Lego are throwing you lots of free review sets for writing all their documentation for them! 😉

  13. Hello! Can distance sensor(88007) or technic distance sensor(45604) connect to technic hub(88012)? Has someone tested?

    • It depends on the app and not really the hub. Currently the Powered Up app supports 88007 connected to 88012, but not 45607

  14. No question here, just wanted to say thanks for what you’ve collected here. It is as good a guide as I’ve found anywhere, and a pity Lego themselves haven’t been as diligent. You’ve saved me a few bob buying the wrong thing to find they don’t play nice.

    Thank you!

  15. This is great stuff but I noticed several block changes with app version 3.7.0 in particular the blocks associated with speed control.

  16. Hi, do you think it’s possible to use powered up function for Race Kart 42048? I personally like this remote control better

  17. I have a question, I turn on the Power Up application on the phone and pair it with the hub with the 42109 car and everything connects nicely, but then, when I have already set up the driving diagram, nothing happens. The car does not react at all. What could be causing this?

  18. Has anyone tried using the 88012 Technic Hub with the 88011 Train motor? I would like to use 2 motors, lights, and color sensor on one hub.

  19. Corina Monteverde Gómez

    Thanks for the valuable information you share!
    I would like to ask you if the following Lego PowerUp parts are compatible with the WeDo 2.0 hub (45303):
    Simple motor: 88008
    Train motor: 88011
    Technic motor: 88013
    Remote Control: 88010
    My question about its compatibility concerns:
    1.- the cables and connectors of the parts to the hub and
    2.- the use of WeDo 2.0 app for the operation of these PowerUp parts with the Hub 45303.
    Thankful for your answer!

    • Corina Monteverde Gómez

      Sorry, I meant Hub 45301 instead of 45303 (which is the WeDo 2.0 motor)

    • I don’t own the WeDo 2.0 hub, but since the firmware cannot be updated on that one I don’t think that any of the new motors and or other Powered Up peripherals would be compatible with it.

      • Corina Monteverde Gómez

        Thanks!…and sorry: I sent my question again because I couldn’t see your and I wasn’t sure you got my first question.

  20. Could I use powered up on a winter Christmas train

  21. Corina Monteverde Gómez

    Thanks for the valuable information you share!
    I would like to ask you if the following Lego Powered Up parts are compatible with the WeDo 2.0 hub (45301):
    Single motor: 88008
    Train motor: 88011
    Technical motor: 88013
    Remote control: 88010
    My question about its compatibility is regarding:
    1.- the cables and connectors of the parts to the hub and
    2.- the use of the WeDo 2.0 app for the operation (program) of these Powered Up parts with the Hub 45301.
    In case those Powered Up parts are NOT compatible with the WeDo 2.0 Hub (45301):
    3.- are they all compatible with the Powered Up Hub 88009?
    4.- Is the app used to program WeDo 2.0 different from the one used to Powered Up?
    Thankful for your reply

    • As I mentioned I don’t own a WeDo 2.0 hub so I cannot test if it is compatible with the motors, but I’m sure it doesn’t work with the remote, and it does not work with the Powered Up either. I would rather go with the 88009 hub.

  22. Hi,
    The 45603 (Spike Prime Large motor) is same as 69730 (54675c02) Large mortor?
    (Just the color different?)

  23. Hi,
    The 45603 (Spike Prime Large motor) is same as 69730 (54675c02) Large mortor?
    (Just the color different?)

    Can I use the 69730 with SPIKE Prime?

    • Yes, those motors are the same. The Mindstorms app now supports the Technic motors as well, not sure about Spike Prime, but I assume they should work there as well.

  24. Hi,
    The 45602 (Spike Prime Large motor) is same as 69730 (54675c02) Large mortor?
    (Just the color different?)

    Can I use the 69730 with SPIKE Prime?

  25. Hi,
    I have the 88010 controller, 88014 XL motor and and I’m just waiting on the 88009 hub to arrive. I wish to build my own creation (car)
    My question is, with the above components will I be able to turn left and right? or just go forward and back?
    It will not be drive on a track, just normal house flooring.
    Any help/info would be much appreciated.

    • With a single motor you either use that for drive or for steering, you cannot have both. I suggest to get the 88013 L motor for steering. Although the XL one can be also used for steering, the L motor is more suited for that purpose. This way you can copy the setup of the 42109 Top Gear Rally car.

  26. Thank you for the great information you’re posting on Lego.
    What I’m missing from Lego is a chargeable hub or something similar for Power Up. Are you aware of any solutions for the battery issue? Are there Power Up clones available that you’re aware of?

    Thanks in advance

    • The best is to use rechargeable AA / AAA batteries. I don’t think there’s a rechargeable insert available at the moment for the Technic hub, alternatively you can take a look at BuWizz 3.0 that has a built-in battery and 4 PU ports.

  27. Hi there. My son and I somehow accidentally triggered the “boost” or “bang bang” setting on our powered up train. We were just using the Lego remotes – trying to pair a second train to a single remote (figured out how to do that properly). Somewhere in the process of pressing and releasing buttons on the remote and second train, the light on the remote turned white and the initial connected train started operating either full power or nothing – what I imagine is described in some places as “bang bang” mode. My 5 year old really liked it but we have since lost that mode, and can’t figure out how to get it back. Any ideas?

  28. Can you code multiple PU Technic hubs in the Powered Up app coding interface?

  29. Hi, I am after a motor and controller to turn a rod back and forth (not right around) in very small increments. Think windscreen wiper that only moves a few mm.
    Would anything here do the job?

    • Since you can limit the rotation by degrees and also the power I think it is doable with practically any of the motors. If the movement is really that small then you might need to add a gearing.

  30. Hi. I bought a CAT D11 in the first week of Dec. when I got to the test your build section (199) using IOS on an iPhone 12 the app said the hub required a firmware upgrade which it completed. During the testing I could only get Test 1, 3 and 6 to work. Test 2 partially worked but there was not even a motor movement for test 4 and 5.
    When tested by the supplier using an Android app the build passed all 6 tests perfectly.
    Can you assist with a possible reason and or solution other than getting an android device?

  31. I have an 88009 Hub, can I purchase a Boost Color and Distance Sensor 6182145 to use with it, or does it have to be a 88007? They look the same but that’s no guarantee of course. I see you saying the 88009 works with the WeDo sensors so I’m hoping the answer is yes…?

  32. Hi,
    I have hub 88006 and motor 88013. But I am not able to make a motor 88013 working with PoweredUp app.
    I am able to turn on build-in motors in port A and B. I am also able to light up 88005. But motors 88013 does not work.
    I am afraid that the motor 88013 is not supported by the PoweredUp app or by the hub 88006

    • The motor is definitely supported, it is possible that the combination of the hub and the motor has a problem with the Powered Up app. I would suggest to try it with PyBricks, although that requires some Python knowledge.

  33. Hi, are the Spike sensors (45604 / 45605 /45606) compatible with the powered up hubs? (88009 / 88012)?

  34. Thank you for all the great work you do for the lego community. You are the 1st and only person I have ever subscribed to.
    I have the version 4.0.1 PU app and it took me an hour to figure out how to switch from one hub to another. The bluetooth icon only shows a checkmark but when you click on it the window which opens shows both hubs (I connected two). You have to drag the lower (02) hub up so it becomes the top (01) hub listed. Then it becomes the active hub. Incredibly, non-intuative. A button to select the active hub would have been much more obvious.
    I was wondering if you knew how to change the motor direction of the slider controls? I have a tracked vehicle MOC and sliding the buttons up makes the left track go forward and the right track reverse. I need to change the “orientation” of one of the sliders but have no idea how to do this. Thank you, in advance, for any help you can provide. Terrific work and content you provide for the LEGO community, you have our sincere gratitude.

    • Thank you for the kind words! To reverse the slider, you can multiply the input block by -1, that will reverse its values.

      • Thank you again for your help. The Powered up app seems to have a lot of functionality and capability but it can be impossible to figure out just by trial and error (or at least very frustrating). Thankfully, you and others have posted videos indicating how to program custom controls. It’s a shame that Lego doesn’t seem to provide any guide/manual for the PU app.
        The addition of custom controls was a big improvement for the app, but what it really needs now is the ability to control more than one hub at a time. Again, thank you very much for all you do for the Lego community. Your videos are always informative and entertaining. I realize a lot of effort goes into posting all this content. Much appreciated.

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