LEGO Technic 42109 Top Gear Rally Car detailed review

It’s weird to say this about a set with less than 500 pieces, but here is the flagship LEGO Technic set of 2020’s first wave, the 42109 Technic App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car. It is fully remote controlled out of the box which is something we did not see in many years, at least for a non-off-roader car. So how does it perform? Check it out in the video!

One Comment:

  1. Utter train wreck – or should I say car crash! Just an awful mess of clashing colours, un-coordinated stickers and totally unimaginative bodywork and styling, especially those awful wheel arches! I actually can’t believe anyone at the BBC even signed off on this eye-watering monstrosity. I’ll be leaving my money for this one safely in the bank.

    I am seeing this more and more with TLG – the current 2020 batch of Technic sets (Land Rover aside) are mostly uninspiring or have awful design. I mean why do we need another racing yacht when we had one only a couple of years ago? I’d rather have seen something like another iconic motorbike like the fantastic BMW R1200GS which was superbly designed and a brilliant build.

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