Gamepad control for LEGO Technic 42099 & 42100 with BrickController 2

The LEGO Technic 42100 Liebherr R 9800 and the 42099 X-Treme Off-Roader both have their dedicated control app called Control+. Although the app offers a lot of exciting possibilities it cannot be customized and some people (like) me prefer physical control over a touchscreen. The great BrickController 2 app solves this issue, you can use a gamepad that is compatible with your phone and control the LEGO vehicles!

BrickController 2 is available for Android and iOS as well.

For the control with my iPad I am using a Steelseries Nimbus controller.
For Android I am using an Ipega PG-9025 Bluetooth controller.

You can find my settings below for both models.





  1. could I use the Nintendo Switch pro?

  2. Are both, the trigger buttons (L1, R1) and the shoulder buttons (L2, R2) pressure-sensitive? Or is proportional control of the crawler tracks only possible in forward direction?

    • Yes, both of them offer proportional control. The travel is pretty short so it does not offer a very precise control but in this case the excavator is not a race car either 🙂

      • Thank you. In this case I will have to find a controller that is Android compatible and offers two sets of pressure-sensitive switches. The Steelseries Nimbus is unfortunately Apple/Mac compatible only. Currently I am using a PS4 controller.

        • Alternatively you can rearrange the controls to assign some boom/stick movements to the trigger/shoulder buttons, since the travel is pretty long with the actuators you don’t really need proportional control with the joysticks.

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  4. Thanks a lot for this blog post. having a lot of fun using my 42100 and 42099 with a gamepad. i use an gamepad for my iphone i bought years ago (T1 eSport Contour) and haven’t use a lot so far. finally it will get used 😉

  5. Hi,
    great idea!
    I wonder, if you can recommend a controller/gamepad working on Android and iOS. I would like to use a controller on an Android phone and sometimes on an iPhone as well. Any suggestions about what contoller might support it and is still available like on Amazon?

  6. Francisco Koehler

    Hi Racing Brick,

    Just followed you’re very easy and understandable tutorial to connect the PS4 controller to a lego 42077 modded with the 42099 PU motors… I hadn’t so much fun with lego since i was a kid! Thank you very much for the tutoria!
    All best,

  7. I tried to make it work with Nvidia Controller, but it is a nightmare.

    While the controller works fine in games and in Nvidia Shield TV, it is horrible in Vrick Controller.
    Each push-button / joystick direction trigger more than one parameter : e.g. Rx + Axis-X or Ry + Axis-Y, etc..
    Brick Controller picks one of them and of course they overlap.
    only A, B, X, Y

  8. Hi,
    Great solution.
    Would it work with PS3 DualShock controller?
    All the best

  9. Is it possible to connect an Xbox One controller to brick controller 2.

  10. Is it possible to set the app to stop the engine at the end stop so that the engine doesn’t slip through at the end? It’s about controlling Lego excavator 42100.

    • That is technically not an end stop, just a specific position of the motor. Currently this is not possible in the BC2 app.

  11. How do I connect an XBOX one controller?

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