LEGO 76964 Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull quick review

Get ready to dive into Jurassic World with the LEGO set 76964 Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull! Priced at $39.99 / €39.99 / £34.99, this set shakes the theme up by focusing on showing off cool stuff rather than the usual action-packed scenes.

The set has 6 numbered bags, 2 loose parts, the manual and the sticker sheet.

The star of the show is the 14 cm T. rex skull. It’s super detailed and tries to show the structure realistically, with a jaw that can move in two different positions. I think the real T. rex had more teeth, but the number we have here is enough to build it before it gets too boring.

They’ve even included a fossilized T. rex footprint with some interesting layering and SNOT builds for added flair. There are some hidden Easter Eggs as well, like the mosquito trapped in amber.

The whole set is built compact enough that you can easily display it in your room. They’ve used cool colors like reddish-brown and added leaves to create a jungle atmosphere, and the bones also have different shades of tan to add variety. The price is reasonable, so it’s a win for the target audience that wants a cool LEGO set without breaking the bank.

I’m not the biggest fan of the back of the skull and the sticker on the plaque, but overall it’s a solid set. Hoping for more sets like this in the future gives it an exciting twist. It seems like an interesting attempt to offer kids some stationary display sets with a bit more building complexity. The added information at the beginning of the manual is also very unusual for a 9+ set.

In short, the LEGO Dinosaur Fossils: T. rex Skull is a great choice for any Jurassic World fan. It has the right mix of cool details, a decent price (which may get even better after release) and sets the stage for more dino adventures!

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