LEGO Technic 42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3 – instructions errors and fixes

Updated 06/06

The LEGO Technic 42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3 is a great 1:8 scale supercar set, you can check my detailed building reviews here. Unfortunately the building instructions were released originally with several errors, here is a list of what was found by myself and the community, and an indication whether they were corrected in the digital version or not.

Step 88 (fixed)

In the paper manual the orientation of the 2 orange wave selectors and the green 2L beam relative to each other was incorrect, more details about this in my video. In the updated version the 2 orange wave selectors are rotated, but their position was not updated in the previous or following steps so you need to pay extra attention. They should look exactly like this when you add the green 2L beam:

Step 104

The part usage callout on top is incorrect, you have to use the part at the bottom and not the one on the top, the green checkmark and the red X should be swapped.

Step 240

A minor error, if the knob gear is in this position forming an X then the axle cannot be inserted in this position forming a +. Both the axle and the knob gear will have the + orientation when inserted in place.

Step 255

There’s an L beam with blue and black pins added at step 250, their position is correct. At step 255 the position of the black pin is shown incorrectly, it should be in the hole closer to the horizontal beam as it was shown correctly in the previous steps:

Step 1127 (parts missing from the instructions)

There are 2 black small panel fairings (#21 and #22) that you will find in the box and also in the inventory, but they are not used in the instructions:

You can add them to the build at the very end as well, but they are the most convenient to add at step 1127. They have to be attached to the red 2L axles sticking out on each side of the car’s rear end:

They will form the outer fins of the rear diffuser:

Step 1267

The 1×2 bricks holding the L Technic beam cannot be attached in this exact position to the plate, they have to be shifted half stud towards the upper edge:



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  2. The wrong part was included in the packet for step 384. 6293391 is needed and 4543489 was included. I did find the right part in another packet. I hope this won’t cause problems as I continue with assembly.

  3. 1/8 scale? Wow!

  4. And 42123 is McLaren Senna GTR

  5. Step 241 also had an error. The knob gears need to be in a X position or you can’t put the piece all the way down. The position change you mentioned in step 240 also makes this work…. otherwise these pieces would not fit between the other 2 knob gears.

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