LEGO Powered Up 3.0 update – are we there yet?

LEGO released the 3.0 update of the Powered Up app yesterday. As we were informed previously this is an important update with long awaited features like the multi-hub support or the support for the Technic hub and the L and XL motors. Check out the features and my opinion about the update in the video:

So here’s my short written summary about the update:

What I liked:

  • new cleaner main interface looks good, easy to navigate
  • multi hub support really works, 4 hubs can be connected simultaneously and they can be all different kind (Boost, AAA hub, Technic hub)
  • sensor data from Technic hub can be accessed and used
  • multiple sensors can be used the same time, external and internal as well
  • phone/tablet orientation can be used as a controller although the zero position is still a question

What I did not like:

  • Biggest frustration – total lack of documentation. The app is getting super complicated, if I were a kid I would not bother trying to figure it out. This should be the number one priority to sort out.
  • L & XL motors have proper speed control but steering is still laggy, absolute positioning does not work for steering
  • Controller interfaces are still limited, the 2 slider one works only for tracked vehicles or the Batmobile, the joystick interface is not scaled properly on a tablet and cannot be used with the L/XL motors for steering
  • The app still needs to be killed to disconnect all hubs or they have to be disconnected manually one by one
  • The whole app looks like a tech demo for programmers beyond the set-specific controls. It does a lot but without any documentation and you don’t know what supposed to work and what not. It has a great potential for advanced users but totally misses the point for the ones who’d like to go one step further from the stock builds and want to add a light or a motor to a creation, it’s way too complicated.



  1. So, it is possible to control 4 L motors in 1 Technic hub, good news for moc

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