LEGO Technic 42079 Tow Truck (B model) speed build & review

Building the Tow Truck took me 1 hour exactly. These are the parts from the A model that were not used.

This is how the model looks like:

The doors can be opened and the cabin has seats and a steering wheel.

Steering is operated with the orange warning beacon on the top of the cabin. This time there’s no reverse steering.

The hood can be opened as well to reveal the 2-cylinder engine.

The engine is driven by the rear wheels through a differential.

The boom and the hook has a simple mechanism to operate, check out the video to see it in action

Comparing the size of the tow truck with the 42075 First Responder set:


  • Excellent little B model, could be an A model on its own
  • Nice and detailed truck at this scale
  • Simple but effective functions
  • Together with the A model it offers a great value for the price


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