LEGO 17101 Boost review part 3 – additional builds, tips & summary

This is my third video about the LEGO 17101 Boost Creative Toolbox set. In this episode I show you the extra robot bases that you can build besides the 5 main constructions, I share some tips and my summary about the Boost system.

Here are the previous episodes if you missed them:

During the reviews and tests I collected some useful resources about Boost. Since I find the lack of proper documentation one of the main problems of this otherwise great system I share these links with you so it might be an easier adventure for you:

Official LEGO page with the apps, building instructions and FAQ

Official LEGO help page describing the main programming blocks

List of program blocks with description (incomplete)

LEGO Boost Community Facebook group

Using LEGO Boost with Scratch

LEGO Boost Idea book with 95 simple robots (preorder available)


You can find below my summary about the Boost system.

What I liked:

  • great set to learn programming basics through the building of the five main constructions
  • the gradual approach of the tutorials guides the kids from the beginning to the more advanced programs
  • the hub, the external motor and the sensor provides a nice selection of inputs and controls
  • good variety of pieces to build and customize the robots
  • app interface is easy to use, drag and drop coding works well

Could be improved:

  • no code block library available within the app
  • huge selection of sound effects for all the robots but can only be tested by trying them one by one
  • robot-specific blocks are not available in atomic mode, nor described how they are constructed
  • atomic mode has no tutorials, might be too complex for the kids to discover and enjoy
  • not all code blocks have explanation
  • no possibility to import/export/backup the programs
  • updates are communicated with small visual hints, no “what’s new” section in the app to learn about improvements/changes
  • Windows 10 app is not that straightforward to use on a standard pc (e.g. no exit option)

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