LEGO Technic 42079 Heavy Duty Forklift speed build & review

I’d like to share with you my speed build and detailed review video about the brand new LEGO Technic 42079 Heavy Duty Forklift set.

The set comes in a mid-sized box. On the front the forklift shown with some industrial background. On the back you can see the main functions of both A and B models.

In the box you can find 6 unnumbered bags, the 4 tires, two instruction books for both A and B models and the sticker sheet. The instructions and the sticker sheet is not protected with a bag, luckily they did not have any damage.

The set has 592 pieces. You can see the part list below.

This is how the completed forklift looks like with the pallet and the cargo lifted.

A small amount of extra pieces.

Steering is controlled by the exhaust pipe. Due to the rear wheels steering it works in the opposite way – by turning the pipe left the vehicle will go to the right and vice versa.

The tilt of the fork is controlled by the two levers on the side.

The orange warning beacon is used to raise and lower the fork.

The maximum height of the fork from the ground is a bit more than 16 studs

The 2-cylinder engine is powered by the front wheels through a differential.

The cabin is unfortunately too small for anyone to sit in.

The full load capacity of the forklift is ~300g, anything heavier will make it fall forward.


  • The set offers a lot of playability despite being the smallest one of the 2HY 2018 sets
  • All main functions of a forklift are present and they are working fine
  • The only thing to get used to is the reversed steering
  • The B model also looks very polished – review coming soon!


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