Making of the BMW WR 1000 action shot

As many of you were curious how the motion effect of this series was made, let me show you some behind the scenes shots about it. The Rebrick contest allowed only 5 photos to be submitted, I wanted at least one of them to be really dynamic and to show the motorcycle in motion. I had some vague ideas at the beginning how this can be achieved, but with the help of some household items and leftover furniture pieces the following setup was born:

The upper structure can move on the IKEA rolling plant stand turned upside down. The support holding the bike is built on a large base plate. This is how it looks without the motorcycle (the white piece of wood could be used as a handle to move the upper part back and forth):

The motorcycle had an additional stand that goes into the hole in the “road” which is a large piece of gray photo background paper. Tyre marks and other road surface marks are hand drawn, the finish line is made of electrical tape. The motorcycle with the stand:

And the complete setup assembled:

The “road” piece could be moved back a forth a couple of centimeters. That was enough motion to achieve the desired effect – with a shutter speed of 1/3 sec the road was blurry enough and the wheels had the necessary amount of motion to have a nice result:

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