42050 Drag Racer upgrade – real wheelies!!

And finally, here is the second part of the 42050 Drag Racer video where you can see if the upgraded version can do real wheelies by itself (hint – it can 😉 )

The body panels and the stickers of the upgraded version are mostly coming from the 42041/8041 Race Truck, I think they fit perfectly.

The upgraded version has the following components:

  • Servo motor for steering
  • 2 Buggy motors
  • 2 BuWizz units
  • 1 M motor for powering the fake engine
  • Proper seat for the driver
  • Larger spoiler to add weight to the back – essential for the wheelies 🙂

The drag racing christmas tree is controlled by 2 SBricks, the staging and start sequence is pre-programmed. I’ll share some details in a separate post.

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