RacingBrick became a Recognized LEGO Fan Media site!

I’m extremely happy to share the news with you – RacingBrick was recently approved for the Recognized Lego Fan Media (RLFM) status! When I started my blog last year I was only dreaming about this, and now here we are 🙂 This also means that I became a LEGO Ambassador, which is a great honour and I’m pretty excited about it.

What this means for RacingBrick and for you? As I have access now to the LAN (LEGO Ambassador Network) I will have a direct communication channel to other Ambassadors, RLFMs, RLOCs (Recognised Lego Online Community) and RLUGs (Recognised Lego User Group) so I see a lot of collaboration opportunities coming! I’ll be also able to share with you official updates and information coming from LEGO directly, and possibly will be able to do more set reviews as well!

I would like to thank you for your amazing support and I’m really looking forward to share even more great LEGO content with you this year!

How to build brick cars – book review on The Lego Car Blog

The Lego Car Blog is one of the best sources on the internet to get your daily dose of Lego vehicle news and mocs. On top of that, they recently published a great and detailed review of a very promising book about Lego car building. If you follow the link you can read the review and you can also buy the book. It’s definitely on my Christmas shopping list 🙂

How To Build Brick Cars | Book Review

How To Build Brick Cars | Book Review

Lego Technic 42078 Mack Anthem proportions

Last week we received the pictures for the complete Lego Technic lineup for first half of 2018. I have to say I really like the 42078 Mack Anthem truck, it’s got plenty of details, tons of pieces for a fair price and a B model that could easily be an A model on it’s own. I read a lot of complaints (as usual),  and one of them is about the proportions of the truck. I made a quick comparison with the real thing:

Please note that the perspective of the 2 photos is different and it is a very quick and dirty alignment. What I can see from this:

  • on the Lego version the nose is longer and the curve of the bonnet is not that significant
  • the rear wheels are 1-2 studs too close to the front

It is very important too see that this is not a scale model but a Lego Technic interpretation of the Mack Anthem truck, with all the limitations of the system and the available pieces. I think the designers did a very good job, and as always – it’s Lego, you can build it just the way you want 🙂