Super fast LEGO Technic 42077 Rally Car RC mod with Buggy motors & BuWizz

Please welcome my latest & fastest remote control modification of the great LEGO Technic 42077 Rally Car:


– Rear wheel drive by 2 coupled RC Buggy motors using the fast output
– Fake engine is also working
– Steering by a Servo motor
– Powered/Controlled by 2 BuWizz units

WARNING – This is a very powerful RC modification. The 2 RC buggy motors powered by the BuWizz units can potentially damage the plastic components. Make sure to test the limits of the car and drive it carefully!

Building instructions can be purchased here:

Building instructions for the 42077 Rally Car remote control upgrade with 2 RC buggy motors, Servo motor & 2 BuWizz units – $5.99

Inventory can be found at the end of the instructions and also available on Rebrickable.

Upgrade packs are available for purchase at Mochub:

42077 Rally Car buggy motor RC mod – check description for the parts included – $139.95

42077 Rally Car buggy motor RC mod without Power Functions – $49.95



  1. Ciao, great job…i already got the car, the amount for the building on the video is 139 $?

    • You need 2 BuWizz units, that’s around $200, 2 buggy motors are around $120 and the rest of the parts can be bought for ~$80

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