DIY LEGO Powered Up adapter cable – works with SBrick and Power Functions motors!

One of the most requested accessory for Powered Up is an adapter cable that works with the Power Functions components. We are still not sure if it will come officially, but actually it’s not that difficult to make your own – unfortunately you have to sacrifice some parts for it. In this video I show you what are the possibilities of a “dumb” converter cable, one that acts as a standard motor, the other acts as a train motor.

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New Powered Up parts – Technic hub, L & XL motors revealed (updated)

** Update ** – added the mock-up of the Control+ hub, corrected the L motor dimensions and added more information based on an interview

The LEGO Fan Media Days started yesterday in Billund and the lucky participants already had a very interesting session with the Powered Up team. As it was reported by The Rambling Brick and Brickset, the team shared a presentation about the Powered Up system and they had a chance to see some of the Control+ (Technic Powered Up) components we did not see previously. Make sure to check the articles linked above for the full presentation and all the photos, some of them used here for comparison.

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LEGO Powered Up components available at & app update

Update – I created a page dedicated to Powered Up to have all information available in one place. Click here!

I presented you in details all the LEGO Powered Up components in January in my video and we’ve been waiting for these parts to show up at since then. The wait is finally over, you can buy them following the links below – click on the Euro / USD / GBP price for the country-specific LEGO shop site.

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LEGO Powered Up status review January 2019 – what we have and how they work with each other?

Update – I created a page dedicated to Powered Up where you can see all the information I collected in one place – click here.

Last year we saw the first sets appearing with the new Powered Up components expected to replace Power Functions, we have Boost as well belonging to the same ecosystem. As you’ll be able to buy most of these components separately at soon I took a look what we have at the moment, how they work with each other, are there any alternatives to have a wider range of control options (sure!) and what I am expecting to see in the future. Let’s check the video:

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