BuWizz or SBrick – which one should you buy?

I see this question on a daily basis so here’s your chance, I’ll show you which one is good for you! We’ll also check the Power Functions Infrared solution for comparison and a sneak peak of the Powered Up / Control+ system as well. Check out the details in the video!

As you saw in the video there’s no ultimate answer, different solutions fit for different needs. Here’s a written summary of my recommendations:

  • Power Functions Infrared control
    • good for indoor use for simple creations with no need for advanced controls or too many ports
    • if you have a low budget this might be the cheapest option, ready to run component packs can be bought with official LEGO sets (42065, 42095)
    • rechargeable battery from LEGO is an option but does not add too much
  • BuWizz
    • best choice if the space is limited for power/control or maximum power is needed
    • it has built in rechargeable battery, this can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your needs
    • it offers 4 ports
    • does not have (yet) built in gamepad or sensor support, gamepad support can be solved with BrickController 2
  • SBrick
    • it offers the most sophisticated app with lots of customisation
    • the best choice if you have invested in Power Functions parts
      already and you need advanced controls or sequences
    • it can be used with different power solutions to optimize the cost but it requires more space
    • it will offer soon advanced programming abilities with WeDo sensor data usage
  • Powered Up / Control+
    • if you don’t have many Power Functions parts yet and you would
      like to have advanced controls with sensors and programming it might be useful to wait a few months until the new Technic Powered Up (Control+) components are released and see how they compare to BuWizz or SBrick

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