LEGO Technic V-22 Osprey design flaw details & possible fixes

The LEGO Technic 42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey set was cancelled because of its military relations, but as it was discovered soon it has another dark secret. It seems to destroy quickly some of its internal gears even when operated normally. How and why does it happen? Can it be fixed? Check out all the details in this video!

Here is the guide that can help you with a simple disassembly to be able to separate the top section and get access to the gears:

The first possible fix that did not work on a longer term was published by Huw on Brickset.

I found the second fix on Eurobricks in the 42113 reconstruction guide topic, published by wg100.

Here is my version:


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  1. I don’t have this set but after looking at your review and the video I have a thought. In combination with your solution in the video what if you changed the final drive gears to the rotors (Tan 12 tooth Beveled Gear and the Black 12 tooth Beveled Gear) in the Black Pin Connector Toggle Joint with a Tan 12 tooth Beveled Gear and the Tan 20 tooth Beveled Gear. I know this would make the rotors spin slower but would increase the torque prior to the simple clutch. As I don’t have this set I’m not sure if the 20 tooth gear would have enough clearance between other gears in the assembly.

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