LEGO Technic 42065 RC Tracked Racer optimized version

The LEGO® Technic 42065 RC Tracked Racer is one of the rare sets that is remotely controllable out of the box with the necessary Power Functions elements. It is a very good introduction to the world of Power Functions, but it has some room for improvement – the speed is pretty decent but the climbing abilities can be enhanced.

I created several versions to build the fastest or the strongest one (you can see a video here), and now I decided to create a well balanced version which runs as fast as the original but has much better climbing abilities. I tested a lot of configurations with different motors and also tried to gear them up or down, but finally arrived to a simple yet effective solution.

I removed the M motors and installed 2 L motors, the structural integrity is improved with the motors secured in place at multiple points. The tracks have a much better performance with the rubber attachments and they don’t slip on hard floor like the stock version.

This upgrade pack contains the following elements:

  • 2 Power Functions L motors
  • Rubber attachments for the tracks
  • Additional pieces needed to install and secure the new motors

Please note that the upgrade pack does not contain pieces to change the body, the color variations you see in the video are for identification purposes only.


If you would like to buy the original set please use the following Ebay link or the Amazon link below –

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  1. junioriado04 x

    hi racingbrick i have an idea you can create a back box for te b-model the off road truck i belive that is posible you understend yea please you can do it

  2. junioriado04 x

    wow thats awesome you are awesome

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