LEGO Technic 42077 Rally Car 2WD & 4WD RC mod with building instructions and upgrade packs!

I would like to present you the motorized remote control mods of the LEGO® Technic 42077 Rally Car. There are two upgrades available, 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive with additional extras.

2 wheel drive mod features

– 2 Power Functions L motors
– Servo motor for steering
– Working V6 engine
– AAA battery box
– IR remote control

4 wheel drive mod features

– 4 Power Functions L motors
– Servo motor for steering
– 4 Power Functions lights
– Working steering wheel
– Working V6 engine
– Working cooling fan placed abouve the engine
– Power by 2 BuWizz units

Building instructions:


Upgrade packs available at MOCHUB (BuWizz units can be purchased separately here):


Dust/moisture can harm the electric components, always take the necessary precautions and play with your motorized LEGO® creations outdoors at your own risk!

If you would like to purchase the original set as well you can use the Amazon affiliate links below:

2WD mod pictures:

4WD mod pictures:


  1. How do you download the 2wd instructions.

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