Lego Technic 42077 Buggy B-model review with a little piece of Californian summer :)

Since the instructions are available now I built the B model of the 42077 Rally Car as well. It is a buggy, following the design of the Beetle-based beach/dune buggies. The car does not have any special Technic features just the standard ones so I felt the need to spice up the review video a little bit 🙂 You can see all the motorized decorations in details at the end of the video.

The buggy has a flat 6 engine in the back, it’s not that easy to see like in the A model. I’m not sure if any of these vehicles are equipped with such engine in real life, maybe it’s a sleeper buggy with a nice Porsche 911 engine? Who knows 🙂

The seat design is exactly the same as the A model so it’s still a bit big for the Technic figures, but somehow it’s not that conspicuous here. You can spare some time if you don’t disassemble completely the seats btw , you’ll only need to change the direction of the piece holding it in place.

Before building it I was not a fan of the design but now I like it more, it’s a nice vehicle to play with for the kids.

Nothing unusual here, there’s a differential in the back, the suspension design is standard and pretty similar to the A model.

These are the unused pieces from the A model.

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