Lego Technic Stunt Truck & Stunt Bike slow motion jumps and crashes

You can see two Lego Technic pullback sets in action today –  42058 Stunt Bike and 42059 Stunt Truck are doing jumps and crashes in 180 fps slow motion 🙂

You can also see my custom remote controlled pullback launchers as I needed some assistance filming these vehicles.

Another day, another clue – is it a LEGO clapping robot or…? 🙂

Posted by RacingBrick on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The mechanics are pretty simple (I found something similar online for a previous project), M motors are driving the claws. With the 2 channels I can control them independently but can push/pull the levers together as well. The structure has more parts than necessary to add weight and for reinforcement.

If you’d like to purchase these sets and you’d like to support my work then please use the Ebay/Amazon links below:

Lego Technic 42058 Stunt Bike –  **

Lego Technic 42059 Stunt Truck – **


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