Lego Technic 42069 rc mod with wheels – partial building instructions

Since I received many requests again to provide instructions for the wheeled speed recorder Lego Technic 42069 Extreme Adventure RC mod, I try to help you and took a series of pictures while disassembling the model.

Please note that this video is far from being a complete guide – it shows how to build the 2 axles with the 4 buggy motors.


  1. Hello. I’m interested to buy the instrutions whit rc motors. Many thanks

  2. I have been trying to replicate your mofificarions in my kit but I dont seem to get the parts all in one shot, making me order multiple order. Do you have a complete parts list andaset of written instructionsfor the modificatiaon? I already have all the electronics and motors on hand, including the S bricks. Thanks. Tony

  3. can you download the instructions for free

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