42050 Drag Racer upgrade – inner details

As I don’t have the resources at the moment to create building instructions for this set and the changes are not that difficult, I think it is enough to share some detailed photos of the set without the body. I also took some photos of the two sets side-by-side to make the differences visible.



  1. This is awesome!! How does it perform with just one of these motors?

    • Thanks 🙂 To be honest I did not try with a single motor, it surely drives but won’t be able to do wheelies

  2. Which power functions part you used?

  3. Where do you get the Buggy motors I have looked and have not found any?

  4. YOU ARE AWESOMEE!!!🤩🤩😯😯

  5. Ngô Trọng Hiếu ( Vietnam)

    The most spetacular thing is the RC buggy motor fits the chassis.

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