42050 Drag Racer upgrade – inner details

As I don’t have the resources at the moment to create building instructions for this set and the changes are not that difficult, I think it is enough to share some detailed photos of the set without the body. I also took some photos of the two sets side-by-side to make the differences visible.


  1. This is awesome!! How does it perform with just one of these motors?

    • Thanks 🙂 To be honest I did not try with a single motor, it surely drives but won’t be able to do wheelies

  2. Which power functions part you used?

  3. Where do you get the Buggy motors I have looked and have not found any?

  4. YOU ARE AWESOMEE!!!????

  5. Ngô Trọng Hiếu ( Vietnam)

    The most spetacular thing is the RC buggy motor fits the chassis.

  6. can you post instructions for the spoiler?

  7. was it an expensive build?

  8. (including the stock car before you modified it)

  9. ok also just saying you provide very good customer service and quick responses so thank for that!

  10. is it worth it to spend all that extra money to upgrade it or it it better to just go stock if your budget is low?

  11. ???
    pls reply to last question

    • I can’t decide this for you. It’s a fun mod but if I didn’t have the parts for it then I would not buy them just for this mod. It becomes really fast but drag racing alone is not that exciting 🙂

  12. I am confused, your stock car seems to have a motor yet it doesn’t mention anything about that on the box can you tell me if it came with the cheap motor or if you added a bad motor before you raced it against the really good one?

    • That is not a bad motor, that’s the official motorization option with a PF battery box and an M motor, you can check it in the building instructions.

  13. so like it came with the motor before you customized it?

  14. No, as I wrote this is the official option for motorization. Please do a little research on your own, this information is public and available.

  15. is there turtoiral on how did you build that beast of drag racer ?

  16. I probably watch this video like 10 times, lol. Do you think that the buggy motor has more torque for launching?

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