2023 LEGO Insiders Weekend extended – best deals & combinations

The 2023 LEGO Insiders weekend was extended by an extra day, so you can purchase everything with 2x points until the end of Monday! I tried to list all the discounted items and gifts in my previous post, now let’s see which are the best combinations or the biggest discounts you can get in the US and EU!

Please note – I “converted” insiders points to discounts, but those can be used at your next purchase.

★★ Check all the current LEGO Insider promotions for your region here – https://racingbrick.com/product/lego-promotions/

★★ How to unlock the LEGO Holiday Cookie Stamps & Mug Set gift? Get these two great LEGO city sets – https://racingbrick.com/product/lego-city/

  • 60389 Custom Car Garage
  • 60333 Bathtub Stunt Bike (might retire soon!)

★★ Best US / Canada deals – 3/4x points vouchers are accessible here – https://racingbrick.com/product/lego-insiders-3x-4x/

★Retiring Soon

★★ Best EU deals with redeemable voucher (1 per purchase) – https://racingbrick.com/product/lego-insiders-rewards-center/

Disclaimer – the post contains affiliate links, if you find a good deal then your purchase also supports the channel!

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