2023 LEGO Insider Weekend – pre-orders you can get with a discount and gifts!

Today is the last day of the 2023 LEGO Insider Weekend, where you get 2x points for every purchase. I checked again and some sets are already available for pre-order, which means you get double points to use towards future discounts and also gifts if you want them on day one!

Please note – I “converted” insiders points to discounts, but those can be used at your next purchase.

★★ Check all the current LEGO Insider promotions for your region here – https://racingbrick.com/product/lego-promotions/

★★ US preorder

★★ EU preorders

★★ Best US / Canada deals – 3/4x points vouchers are accessible here – https://racingbrick.com/product/lego-insiders-3x-4x/

★★ Best EU deals with redeemable voucher (1 per purchase) – https://racingbrick.com/product/lego-insiders-rewards-center/

Disclaimer – the post contains affiliate links, if you find a good deal then your purchase also supports the channel!

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