42094 Tracked Loader unboxing, speed build and details

Unboxing, Speed build and detailed review about the LEGO Technic 42093 Tracked Loader. A real construction vehicle with tons of features despite the moderate piece count, let’s see the details:

You can see the Tracked Loader in action on the front, and some functions of both A and B models on the back. The set has 827 pieces, the retail price is 59,99 € / $79.99

There are 8 unnumbered bags, the manual and the sticker sheet without extra protection

The different functions are demonstrated in the manual

The part list

Some stages of the building process. Build time is 90 minutes.

Extra pieces

The colour scheme and the whole design looks great, the machine is called BRUTALIS and seems to be electric based on the stickers

There’s no real suspension, the springs are used to tighten the tracks

The cabin has some cool details inside and outside as well, like the control panel, the lights and the fire extinguisher

The knob closer to the cabin rotates it around. The rotation is not limited

Doors can be opened

This is the view from below

You can switch between two operating speeds of the winch with the red lever

You can pull the string by unlocking the ratchet (lover right corner of the vehicle with the red bush at the end) then use the knob on the right to rewind the string

The second knob at the back can raise and lower the arm through the linear actuator. Then you use the lever with the red bush to close the jaw and pick up the log


  • Very good looking machine, feels really “Technic”
  • It has several functions despite the relatively low piece count
  • All functions are working smoothly
  • Offers a great play experience
  • Promising B model




  1. Very nice video is there somewhere online where you can get the instructions model looks nice as well

  2. its a nice build, crying out for motors to be added. One issue I have is the large cog on the grabber makes it difficult to pick up “logs” which you can see in the publicity photos

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