My Lego Technic RC vehicles vs the cheap JJRC Q60 6WD RC truck – who wins?

I was asked many times before why I do not try a “proper” RC car instead of my LEGO RC creations, so I decided now to give it a go. The JJRC Q60 6WD RC truck is a really cheap one (currently available for $30-$35), it was really interesting to see how it compares to the different LEGO RC vehicles I have.

You can check out the JJRC Q60 and other similar RC cars here:

Similar RC Cars:

The car comes in a simple box with all the accessories needed (Remote, battery, charger, screwdriver, manual).

It has a 6 wheel drive setup with a very simple but effective suspension.

The plastic feels cheap but durable, the interior is very minimalist.

I’m not a big fan of military trucks but this one reminds me of the old Russian trucks I used to see a lot here in Hungary when I was a kid.

So the biggest question – how does it compare to my LEGO RC cars? As you saw in the video the JJRC Q60 is probably more versatile and more fun to drive around than most of my LEGO RC vehicles for a fraction of the price. I would definitely recommend this (or any similar) vehicle for kids to have some RC fun outdoors. LEGO RC needs some dedication and preparation for outdoor usage, as the plastic is not that durable and vehicles have a tendency to fall apart 🙂

I still prefer LEGO RC for various reasons – I love to build with LEGO and I also need the possibility to either tinker with the original sets, or create my own RC vehicles from scratch (without the need of special tools or other equipment). I accept the limitations of the system and I continue my adventure to build better and better LEGO RC cars 😉

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