LEGO RC range test – new Powered Up hub wins with 50m!

While I was filming the review video of the new 60197 Passenger Train set I realized that the operating range of the remote is much better than I thought it would be based on the early reviews. Since I was able to test it indoors only with 10m distance (easily passed, even through 2 walls) I decided to compare it with all the different LEGO RC solutions I have. Took all the equipment outdoors to a remote area without any interference and tested the operating range.

The aim was to find the distance where the connection was stable and the remote/app was still able to reconnect. I tested the following:
LEGO Power Functions IR
– LEGO Powered UP hub with remote / with app control (LEGO Powered Up app 0.3.12)
BuWizz v1 (BuWizz app 1.5.2)
BuWizz v2 (BuWizz app 1.5.2)
SBrick (SBrick app 4.4.13)

All applications were tested on my Huawei P9 smartphone with Android 7.0.

You can see the results in the video, I was really impressed by the performance of the new Powered Up hub. I’m not sure why the early reviews reported a significantly different range, I tested it in different conditions (indoors, in a garage, outdoors) and the performance was always very good.

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