LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron RC mod & engine swap

This is a quick and fun remote control modification of the LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron.

I wanted to see how this huge car performs with 2 L motors, a Servo and a BuWizz unit. To create some space for the L motors I had to remove the original W16 engine and replace with a more compact one. Didumos69 designed an amazing 1:8 scale W16 engine that fits perfectly in the car. You can find the details and the instructions here:

As you can see in the video the 2 L motors are driving the wheels directly through the rear differential. To drive the wheels through the gearbox a clutch gear needs to be removed from the drive train that protects the gearbox. Since that clutch gear is added at the beginning of the building process I did not want to rebuild the whole car, that’s why I choose this more simple option. The gearbox would require also some redesign to work efficiently with the motors.

You can see below how the two L motors are placed under the new engine. The aim was to change as little as possible, I’m sure the motorization can be done more efficiently.


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This is how the Servo motor fits in the front. I had to sacrifice the luggage space.

The most simple solution to find some space for the BuWizz unit was to put it in the driver’s seat, so Mr. BuWizz the car’s happy owner was born 🙂

As it was mentioned in the video this was only a test to show how big and heavy the Bugatti is for the motorization. There are no instructions or part list available for this mod, in my opinion this set is not a good candidate to make RC.



  1. Any instruction on how you modified the gear box and the rear derivation part?

    • I only have what you see here. I think the best is to remove the gearbox completely, the motors don’t use it anyway, you have less friction and much more space to put in the motors.

  2. are there instructions for the mod?

  3. On rebrickable is only RC without gear box. It is the way build Rc with gear box like on this film above.

  4. Do you add L motors at the back a servo motor at the front? Plus where is the power source?

  5. Is there a parts list for the modification?

  6. Can i please please please please please please please please have the instructions as to how to make the motorized bugatti chiron lego.!!!!????????????

  7. Please some how if u could make,,,,this is my life.

  8. hi I have buggy motors would it be possible to build a lego Bugatti Chiron motorization with the buggy motor best wishes ken

    • Everything is possible, but don’t expect high speed because you’ll need to gear down the buggy motors significantly to be able to move the weight of the model. And most probably you’ll need to remove the complete gearbox as well.

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