Lego Technic 42077 Buggy B-model RC mod with building instructions

I’d like to share with you the RC mod of the 42077 Buggy B model with building instructions.

Where you see “Original steps x-y” please follow the original instructions. Some custom steps are generic, but some of them are alternatives. Please choose one of them to build, e.g. “AAA battery box / rechargeable battery box” or “AA battery box”.

The RC mod uses mostly parts from the original 42077 set. There are a few extra parts needed (gears) for each motor variation, the list is available on each instruction page and the full part list is available on

Instructions for the Power Functions 2 L motor mod
– driven by 2 Power Functions L motors
– steering by Power Functions Servo motor
– Battery options – AAA/rechargeable/AA battery box
– Remote options – IR remote/SBrick

Instructions for the buggy motor mod
– driven by 1 buggy motor
– steering by Power Functions Servo motor
– power & control by 1 BuWizz unit


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