Let’s celebrate the 60th birthday of the Lego brick in a RacingBrick way!

The Lego brick turned 60 years old, so I thought I need to celebrate it with a fun little Technic creation. Nomen est omen – I created a racing brick 🙂

I wanted to have a brick built cover first but I quicky realised that I do not have enough system bricks of the same color to create the studs. Then I found my son’s lunchbox, and things escalated quickly 🙂 This was just a very quick build yesterday evening, nothing special inside – 2 geared up L motors driving the rear wheels through a differential, Servo for steering, V2 receiver and a rechargeable battery box. Wanted to stick to original Lego PF components this time 🙂 It’s a fun little ride, might refine it later on.

This is how it looks like without the cover:

Compared to the original:

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