Lego Technic 42078 Mack Anthem unboxing, review & speed build

This is the second set form my lucky early bird Lego purchase. Let’s start with the unboxing, review & speed build video:

The Mack Anthem is the result of a new partnership between Lego and Mack Trucks Inc. The Anthem is the newest highway truck from Mack, introduced only a couple of months ago. The B model is a Mack LR garbage truck – instructions will be available later online.

As you can see the box is pretty big, comparable with the flagships sets of the recent years. The weight is ~3,8 kg.

When you open it you see the first batch of plastic bags and another white box.

The white box has some other plastic bags and the instruction manual with the sticker sheet, nicely wrapped.

So we have 21 numbered bags 🙂 Build time was around 6 hours.

Functions and my view on the set is presented in the video. Here are some additional images:


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  2. Please show us a list of the parts!

  3. Where and when did you build in the motor we want that too

  4. I have one!

  5. Looking really good. You have taken some really nice photos.

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