Lego Technic 42077 Rally Car speed build & features

I was lucky to pick this set up really early, did not expect to have it until January. Have a look at the speed build and feature presentation video:

…and now some details. The set comes in a mid-size box. It has 1005 pieces, the A model is a rally car, the B model is a buggy. Instructions for the B model are not released yet.

There are 10 unnumbered bags in the box, plus the wheels. The building instructions and the sticker sheet does not have any additional protection, unfortunately they can get some damage along the way (like mine did…).

The car is fairly big when built, it is 42 cm long, 24cm high and 21cm wide. It’s a really good looking vehicle with a lot of stickers, but a rally car definitely needs a lot of them 🙂

You will not find complicated Technic functions here, but the car has all the main features it needs. The hood and the rear section can be opened. When the rear is lifted the side panels opens as well for easy & quick repair.

The car has a working V6 in the back which is driven by the rear wheels. The cabin has a red roll cage which is a very nice feature.

All in all this is very good looking set although it lacks any complicated or fancy features, but I think both the kids and AFOLs will love it 🙂

Some additional pictures:


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