agrof’s class 1 unlimited buggy on steroids – Lego Baja 1000 race car with BuWizz & Buggy motors

The 50th Baja 1000 off-road race will take place next week so I wanted to create a Lego tribute video to this fantastic event. The best vehicle to choose was agrof’s class 1 unlimited buggy which is a great build, highly recommended to everyone! As usual I made some modifications, the car is upgraded with 2 buggy motors and 2 BuWizz units. It also has 2 SBricks added so I can swap the BuWizz units with Lego battery boxes. My version lacks the fine details of the original vehicle as I was afraid to loose parts at high speed 🙂

Many thanks to agrof for the opportunity to see his car and for his help making this video.

You can find the original build here with instructions:

You can find below some images of the car and the description of the changes I made.

Obviously the biggest change was to swap the 2 L motors with buggy motors. To integrate the buggy motors I had to rework the rear suspension as well. The IR receivers were replaced with SBricks.

The front suspension is the original setup. I had to rework the front of the car to be more robust and survive the high-speed crashes.

Unfortunately I had to remove the interior to create space for the BuWizz units. They are secured with a system that allows quick removal.

As you see it is easy to replace the BuWizz units with Lego LiPo or AAA battery boxes. Usage of these power sources is recommended only on flat surface with the buggy motors, otherwise the protection kicks in and the car slows down.

The slower output of the buggy motors is used and it is geared down for optimal performance.

Details of the buggy motor integration.

Details of the buggy motor integration.


  1. This makes me wanna but another set of buggy motor, omg

  2. instructions pdf please

  3. Roberto Ricciardi Quintavalle

    Hi everyone … I have a problem with a baja.I instead put 2 batteries 8878 2 sbrick and the 2 engines … Basically through the sbrick’s app I can only turn on the lights and operate the steering while the engines are not running … Is it because the batteries are low? Or will I have wrongly positioned the cables? Will I miss the connection between the 2 sbricks?

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