Lego Technic 42069 RC mod with Power Functions and SBrick

After building the 42069 Extreme Adventure set the next challenge was to motorize it. Luckily the set has a spacious internal structure, it is pretty easy to squeeze in several Power Functions components. The aim was to add the Power Functions parts without taking apart the set completely or to change the original structure, so obviously there are more elegant ways to hide all the motors and to upgrade the suspension and the drive train. The list of the added elements:

4 PF L motors (drive)
1 PF Servo motor (steering)
3 PF M motors (functions)
1 PF switch
2 8878 Battery boxes
4 PF lights
2 SBricks

The performance of the car is pretty ok, it can drive on grass and gravel as well. I was expecting a little bit more with the direct drive of the 4 L motors, but the weight increased as well significantly with all the added components. I’m not planning to create any instructions, but here are some more photos of the mod, it will help you to create your own version:



  1. 你好,我很喜歡你的作品,可以教我如何改裝跟你一樣嗎?

    • Hi! If you check the pictures in the you should be able to see the main modifications made on the set. I’ll probably post some more pictures later when I disassemble the set.

      • 因為我接觸lego 不多,偶然間看到你的作品讓我非常喜歡,你的圖片可能有人知道怎麼去改裝,但我不是很清楚知道要如何做~

        • I can suggest you to practice then – start to build official sets, check how they work, how they are structured. Once you are familiar with the main concepts then you can start to modify them, add Power Functions, change parts etc.

          • 感謝你的建議,我會去瞭解零件的構造後,再來改裝看看,畢竟動腦本身就有很多的樂趣

  2. Good luck and have fun! 🙂

  3. Did you use a transmitter

  4. where can download the sbrick profile???

    your mod is very very great

    thank you for share

  5. Why do you need 2 sbricks

    • There are 8 motors and several lights in the model. Even with the 8 outputs of the 2 SBricks I had to couple 2 motors (the reason why I had to include the PF switch as well) to be able to control everything properly.

      • Can you send me a picture pls

        • A picture about what exactly?

          • The 8 motors and 7 light linked up pls

          • I only have the pictures posted here and what you see in the video, the model is already disassembled. The 2 SBricks have 8 ports alltogether, the 8 motors and the lights were connected to those. 2 front L motors were connected to a single SBrick port, they were coupled together with a PF switch (you can see this in the instructions video – All lights were stacked, the cables were connected to an extension cable, which was connected to the last free SBrick port.

      • Hi, i had to couple 2 motors include the PF switch as well and the other 2 L-Motors on one Chanel of one SBrick plus the Servo-Motor for steering.
        Is this correct so?
        In total, this is then 5 engines at one SBrick.
        Are not that too many engines on a SBrick or is it still so?

        Is the power sufficient for the entire drive?
        Or I have to distribute the drive motors (4 L-Motors) on two SBricks.

        you could tell me your opinion and via email answers.

        Joey from Germany

        • Since I had 2 power sources I distributed the driven 4 L motors between them, 2 for each. This way you have only 2 motors running constantly from each power source & Sbrick, the steering motor and the rest of the M motors are used only occasionally.

          • Thank you for the info, I will solve it so likewise.

            Could they give me tips for the lighting, I have also bought 4 PF lights, but I do not know how I should build these now behind the transparent Bricks

            Greetings from Germany

            P.S: perfect Work

  6. Will a transmitter and a controller work the the same

    • If you’re talking about the Power Functions IR receiver & controller, then yes, it can work. But you’ll need 4 IR receivers to be able to control everything – remember you need 8 ports if you want all the functions motorized what I had.

  7. Please can you list the items I need for it to be controlled via controller

    • Instead of 2 SBricks you need 4 Power Functions IR receivers (8884). You’ll also need at least 2 Power Functions IR remotes (8885).

  8. do i need a long cabal to reach the ir receivers.

  9. could i have the controller 8879 in stead

  10. Hi,

    you can describe to me how the PF_Lights in the two front lamps are to be left and right.

    What kind of Bricks do I need?

  11. Hey, I’m have no experience with power functions on technic sets but I REALLY want to hook them up on this so can you please explain in detail how to hook them up, it will be greatly appreciated

  12. I like this creation a lot and will try to rebuild it (just the axles and steering). Did you used only parts from the model or did you need some extra parts exept for motors and sbrick?

  13. Where do you get all the parts for this? I want to do this, but I don’t know what parts to get.

    • I have a lot of spare parts, use those for the build. I don’t have a full part list for this mod at the moment. If there’s a high demand I might do a full documentation.

  14. Your creation was amazing. I was totally fooled by your video(don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to blame you) that I thought it’s how the original set looks like after built until I opened the set and can’t find any motor related parts. Just wish Lego could adopt your idea and make the set more fun! Last, much appreciated your pics and instruction videos!

    • Thanks! I agree it is more fun with the motors inside, but all these electronics would increase the price significantly. It’d be good to offer it as an official motorization option probably.

      • Hallo,
        Meine 2 wünschen sich den extrem Geländewagen zu Weihnachten und er sollte schon Fernbedinbar und nit Lichtfunktion sein. Hättest du vielleicht eine Bauanleitung für uns.
        Lg Pascale

  15. Building instructions now available for the RC mod of 42069 –

  16. Hello, I really like your video, it is great. I would like to know if the SBrick, the Buwizz and the 8878 battery box are compatible with a lego remote control because I do not want to use a screen to control my vehicle. I would be very grateful if you give me a little help. Thank you.

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