LEGO Vespa wheel hack on a cool custom Hot Rod + mini Vespa

Today I’ll show you quickly the 40517 Creator Vespa together with the big brother Creator Expert 10298 Vespa set, but that’s not all! The cool new tire & rim combo from that set can be used on cars as well with a little trick, and I found the perfect MOC for them!

You can access the instructions for Nico71’s great 42127 alternate model here.

These are the parts used:

Wheel 62.3mm D. x 20.3mm Motorcycle with Molded White Wall Outer Rim Pattern

Tire 75.1mm D. x 20mm Motorcycle

Tire 81.6 x 44 ZR Technic Straight Tread


A brand new tire for Technic trucks from the 76139 Batmobile set

I hope you enjoyed my detailed review of the LEGO DC Super Heroes 1989 Batmobile set (76139), now we take a closer look at the brand new tire that comes with it. How does it look like, how does it compare to the other tires we had so far and what might be the next Technic set where it appears?

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