Quick color swap for the 10327 Dune Ornithopter

The 10327 Dune Ornithopter is an awesome set, I totally love it, full of ingenious mechanical functions made possible with lots of Technic components. If you didn’t see my detailed building review, then you can watch it here:

I understand a lot of technical aspects of the look, as some Technic elements need to be exposed, but there are a handful of red pieces that could be changed fairly easily.

In the video below I was focusing on the easily accessible parts that can be swapped once the set is built:

Here is the full list of parts required for this:

20x Ball with Friction Snap – LEGO Pick a Brick / Bricklink
1x Bush for cross axle – LEGO Pick a Brick / Bricklink
11x 2M Cross Axle with Groove – LEGO Pick a Brick / Bricklink
1x Cross Axle 6M – LEGO Pick a Brick / Bricklink


  1. Any chance on a list of replacement blue parts?

    • You can check the part list of the set on Rebrickable or on Bricklink, and choose what you prefer to replace

    • I uploaded the Bricklink XML part list to the Pinned Comment of his video /watch?v=S7pCXDD_X5E of all the pieces you need to replace all visible blue/red/yellow/orange pieces on the Ornithopter after I went through his list and the manual!

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  3. For those who plan to swap the red parts during initial build, these are the page numbers (US version manual) and step numbers you want to note where the parts that need to be replaced appears.

    P22 Step 18: 3 (only the one connected to the lever)
    P46 Step 64: 1
    P74 Step 111: 1, 7
    P76 Step 112: 1, 7
    P78 Step 113: 1, 7
    P80 Step 114: 1, 7
    P100 Step 145: 1 (x2)
    P103 Step 152: 1 (x2)
    P120 Step 175: 1, 7 (9 is mentioned in the video, but not counted in the part list)
    P122 Step 176: 1, 7
    P124 Step 177: 1, 7 (9 is mentioned in the video, but not counted in the part list)
    P126 Step 178: 1, 7
    P183 Step 303: 1
    P187 Step 311: 1
    P192 Step 314: 6 (x2)
    P194 Step 315: 6 (x2)
    P197 Step 317: 6 (x2)
    P199 Step 318: 6 (x2)

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