LEGO Technic Bulldozer Battle – 42131 CAT D11 vs 8275 vs 42100 B model Liebherr PR 776

Here is the third part of my LEGO Technic 42131 CAT D11 Bulldozer review. I thought it would be nice to compare it with two other LEGO Technic bulldozers, the classic 8275 Bulldozer which was the first Power Functions set ever and was also designed by Markus Kossmann, and a custom B model of 42100, the Liebherr PR 776 Dozer designed by Eric Trax!

According to some news sites the 42100 Liebherr R 9800 Excavator will retire by the end of this year, so it’s a good opportunity to buy it as it has tons of interesting alternative models besides the great dozer shown in the video. Here are a few sources to buy the set:

LEGO Technic 42100: US / UK / Amazon US / Amazon DE / Ebay

Here are my previous videos about the LEGO Technic 42131 CAT D11 Bulldozer:

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