LEGO Technic 42069 Extreme Adventure full RC mod with building instructions

The long wait is over – instructions are published for the reworked 42069 Extreme Adventure full RC mod!

Features of the mod:

– 4 tracks are driven by 4 L motors
– fake engine powered by an M motor
– roof elevation powered by an M motor
– winch is completely reworked with worm gear, powered by an M motor
– front axle steering with Servo motor, tank-style steering is also available
– 4 Power Functions lights
– Controlled/powered by 2 BuWizz units (instructions provided), 2 SBricks and 2 AAA battery boxes can also be used but the cabling is difficult (check the photos below for the details)

Building instructions can be purchased here:

Building instructions for the 42069 Extreme Adventure remote control upgrade with 4 L motors, 3 M motors, Servo, lights & BuWizz units – $10.99

Inventory can be found at the end of the instructions and also available on Rebrickable.

The winch is protected by a 76244 Clutch gear to prevent motor damage, it is included in the inventory. You can replace the Clutch gear with a 24505 24 tooth gear on your own responsibility, it improves the performance of the winch but it might damage your motor if stressed.

It is possible to control the vehicle with 2 SBricks and 2 AAA battery boxes, but due to the limited space and the extra cables needed they barely fit in the rear. I only included the BuWizz version in the instructions, here are some photos of the SBrick setup if you consider to do it:



  1. very very special lego 42069 building intrution. I am interesting to have it. How is the material cost it’s need to spend to trasform in integrate movie further the price of lego 42066 original box ?

  2. Enrique Sanz Vicente

    tenia un 42069 simple y dos Sbriks, os compre un manual pero solo indicaba como hacerlo funcionar con BuWizz, gracias a vuestra ayuda logre que funcionara muy bien y completamente, cosa que os sigo agradeciendo. Pero al ver la propaganda de
    BuWizz quise transformarlo a este sistema y compre dos ladrillos, con lo que la estetica ha mejorado mucho. Pero no consigo conectarlo a la tablet y que funcione en absoluto. Os pido nuevamente ayuda o bien directa o que me indiqueis a quien puedo dirigirme para resolver el problema, gracias

  3. Enrique Sanz Vicente

    A la atencion de Balazs.
    Como te dije hace unos dias me voy de vacaciones hasta fin de mes, y como entonces te comente , tenia intencion de comprar 2 ladrillos Bu Wizz, que ya los tengo, los he montado y no me funciona, (ademas mi ordenador se ha roto y tengo que adquirir otro) asi es que a primeros del mes de junio, intentare ponerme en contacto contigo para solucionar mi problema,hasta entonces que lo pases bien y como siempre muy agradecido.

  4. Hi

    How much power difference is between Buwizz and Sbrick option?

    Thanks, Moritz

  5. Depends on the battery used, the LiPo boxes have better performance in some scenario than the rechargeable batteries. You can use the AA boxes but they won’t fit in the vehicle.

    • Okay.
      I think I have to try, but I don’t want to buy two Buwizz right now.

      1. With your instruction, it is only about Buwizz right? No instruction for Sbrick to buy, right?

      2. You did change the track suspension a little, right?

      3. Will pdf come when I order or do I have to wait 45 days for pdf also?
      I only need instruction because I have the Lego Technic parts and Sbrick etc. et.c

      • Instructions are for BuWizz but the principle is very similar, you need to connect the wires to the SBrick ports instead of the BuWizz ports.
        I needed to change the axles to fit the motors so the suspension might be changed as well.
        If you buy the pdf only on my site then that’ll be delivered via e-mail immediately. If you buy a package from Mochub then it depends on the speed of their delivery.

  6. Ok, thanks, I buy one!

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