LEGO Technic 42069 Extreme Adventure full RC mod with building instructions

The long wait is over – instructions are published for the reworked 42069 Extreme Adventure full RC mod!

Features of the mod:

– 4 tracks are driven by 4 L motors
– fake engine powered by an M motor
– roof elevation powered by an M motor
– winch is completely reworked with worm gear, powered by an M motor
– front axle steering with Servo motor, tank-style steering is also available
– 4 Power Functions lights
– Controlled/powered by 2 BuWizz units (instructions provided), 2 SBricks and 2 AAA battery boxes can also be used but the cabling is difficult (check the photos below for the details)

Building instructions can be purchased here:

Building instructions for the 42069 Extreme Adventure remote control upgrade with 4 L motors, 3 M motors, Servo, lights & BuWizz units – $10.99

Inventory can be found at the end of the instructions and also available on Rebrickable.

The winch is protected by a 76244 Clutch gear to prevent motor damage, it is included in the inventory. You can replace the Clutch gear with a 24505 24 tooth gear on your own responsibility, it improves the performance of the winch but it might damage your motor if stressed.

It is possible to control the vehicle with 2 SBricks and 2 AAA battery boxes, but due to the limited space and the extra cables needed they barely fit in the rear. I only included the BuWizz version in the instructions, here are some photos of the SBrick setup if you consider to do it:


  1. very very special lego 42069 building intrution. I am interesting to have it. How is the material cost it’s need to spend to trasform in integrate movie further the price of lego 42066 original box ?

  2. Enrique Sanz Vicente

    tenia un 42069 simple y dos Sbriks, os compre un manual pero solo indicaba como hacerlo funcionar con BuWizz, gracias a vuestra ayuda logre que funcionara muy bien y completamente, cosa que os sigo agradeciendo. Pero al ver la propaganda de
    BuWizz quise transformarlo a este sistema y compre dos ladrillos, con lo que la estetica ha mejorado mucho. Pero no consigo conectarlo a la tablet y que funcione en absoluto. Os pido nuevamente ayuda o bien directa o que me indiqueis a quien puedo dirigirme para resolver el problema, gracias

  3. Enrique Sanz Vicente

    A la atencion de Balazs.
    Como te dije hace unos dias me voy de vacaciones hasta fin de mes, y como entonces te comente , tenia intencion de comprar 2 ladrillos Bu Wizz, que ya los tengo, los he montado y no me funciona, (ademas mi ordenador se ha roto y tengo que adquirir otro) asi es que a primeros del mes de junio, intentare ponerme en contacto contigo para solucionar mi problema,hasta entonces que lo pases bien y como siempre muy agradecido.

  4. Hi

    How much power difference is between Buwizz and Sbrick option?

    Thanks, Moritz

  5. Depends on the battery used, the LiPo boxes have better performance in some scenario than the rechargeable batteries. You can use the AA boxes but they won’t fit in the vehicle.

    • Okay.
      I think I have to try, but I don’t want to buy two Buwizz right now.

      1. With your instruction, it is only about Buwizz right? No instruction for Sbrick to buy, right?

      2. You did change the track suspension a little, right?

      3. Will pdf come when I order or do I have to wait 45 days for pdf also?
      I only need instruction because I have the Lego Technic parts and Sbrick etc. et.c

      • Instructions are for BuWizz but the principle is very similar, you need to connect the wires to the SBrick ports instead of the BuWizz ports.
        I needed to change the axles to fit the motors so the suspension might be changed as well.
        If you buy the pdf only on my site then that’ll be delivered via e-mail immediately. If you buy a package from Mochub then it depends on the speed of their delivery.

  6. Ok, thanks, I buy one!

  7. Hello, I really like your video, it is great. I would like to know if the SBrick, the Buwizz and the 8878 battery box are compatible with a lego remote control because I do not want to use a screen to control my vehicle. I would be very grateful if you give me a little help. Thank you.

    • The LEGO remote control works with infrared light therefore it is only compatible with the IR received. BuWizz & SBrick are both using Bluetooth connection, you need a phone to control. I can suggest to try the BrickController 2 app, with that (and a compatible game controller) you can control your RC creation with the controller instead of the screen. If you check my videos there’s a detailed demonstration about BrickController 2.

      • Thank you that helped me a lot. I would like to know which Lego powerfunction engine is the most powerful in terms of traction.

  8. Thank you that helped me a lot. I would like to know which Lego powerfunction engine is the most powerful in terms of traction ?

  9. I would like to motorize the model 42069, what is the best option to motorize the 4 tracks: 4 PF L engine / 4 PF XL engine / 4 engine buggy?

    • I used 4 L motors in my mod. With 4 XL motors you could have more power but fitting them in the model would be difficult. I won’t recommend 4 buggy motors, again very difficult to fit and won’t work well with the tracks.

  10. Do you have the reference of each piece that must be purchased in addition to be able to assemble the engine on the world 42069 as you did? Thank you

  11. What is the difference between Lego 8878/88000/8881?

  12. What would you recommend to me as a battery case that is lightweight and is both for use with an infrared sensor?

  13. s it correct if I use 4 L engines for caterpillar whose cables are connected to a 58123 infrared receiver that consists of 2 locations that I will use as well: 1st location (4 L engines) and 2nd location (1 servomotor) .
    Then I will use 2 switch button which 1 can operate 4 lights and the second can operate a motor for the winch.
    Finally, I will connect the 2 switch buttons and the infrared receiver on the battery box 88000.
    Thank you for giving me your opinion and thank you for enlightening me a little more each day.

    • One infrared receiver won’t be able to handle 4 L motors. Actually only the V2 IR receivers can handle 2 L motors properly on one channel, they are fairly expensive as they were only available in sets 9398 and 41999. The two switches are ok for the lights and the winch. For all these I’d recommend to use 2 separate battery boxes, one won’t be enough.
      If you don’t want to invest in the BuWizz units I’d suggest to get 2 SBricks and 2 AAA battery boxes as it is described in the article above.

  14. If I use 2 battery box 88000 it can do the trick to feed all this?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages if there are any between the 88000 battery box and the 8881 battery box?

  15. Is the 88000 model really lighter than the 8881 model? I do not know if it’s better to use 2 88000 models or the 8881 box battery because the box 88000 battery is lighter but less powerful while the battery box 8881 is heavier but more powerful. So I do not know which option to use to power my model 42069?

  16. Is the 88000 model really lighter than the 8881 model? I do not know if it’s better to use 2 88000 models or the 8881 box battery because the box 88000 battery is lighter but less powerful while the battery box 8881 is heavier but more powerful. So I do not know which option to use to power my model 42069?

  17. Are two 88000 batteries more powerful than a single 8881 battery?

  18. Is this normal if the reference (model number) of the engines you make in the inventory are not the same as those found on the internet (Amazon, Lego …)? I would just like to know if they are exactly the same as you propose? There are not several L engines for example, and yet you do not offer the same model number?

    • If you mean the numbers on rebrickable then yes they use a different number, just like Bricklink and all the other sites have their own numbering. On rebrickable you’ll see all the different numbers.

  19. Is it good if I use 2 V2 infrared receivers and that on the first slot of the first receiver I put 2 L motor and the second location remains free. Then on the second receiver I put 2 L motor on the first location and the servomotor on the second location. All this controlled by 2 small Lego remote control positioned on different waves. Do you think it’s possible and it’s a good option? Because I want to use infrared with remote control.

    • If you get 2 V2 receivers then yes, this might work. I still don’t think it is the best solution as you won’t have enough channels to motorize the other functions and you need to find a place to put the IR receivers where they will be visible.

  20. I calculated and found that there will be approximately 600 grams more on my vehicle than the 42069 vehicle without engine. In addition, I did not take into account the weight of the parts that must be added in addition to accommodate the engine. With all this, do you think my once motorized vehicle will have good capabilities? For example, as in your video on the 42069 model (which is really very well done) when you see your vehicle climb a slope is rolling on thick turf and pebbles.
    I remind you my configuration of my engine: 1 servomotor + 2 motor L on the same V2 receiver, then 2 motor L on the second V2. I will also put a switch for the lights. Then, I will configure everything as you except that I will replace your BUWIZZ by two 88000 (certainly less powerful).
    But I think I catch up with the load level exercise on the vehicle that is weaker than yours I think. Indeed, even if I use two 88000 which are heavier than your two BUWIZZ, I do not use your 3 engine M because I prefer to do without it to increase the capacity of my vehicle. I’ll add a winch minimizer, three pairs of lights and three or four connections.
    So what do you think of my setup, will it have almost the same performance as yours?

  21. Finally, the weight less than my vehicle will not compensate for its lack of power?

    • Might compensate at some level but I’m sure not completely. Especially if you’ll use rechargeable batteries since they only provide 7.2V compared to the 11.2V of BuWizz Ludicrous mode.

  22. Does it have a way to control the Buwizz with a Lego remote? I know that the Buwizz works with Bluetooth and the Lego remote control by infrared, but maybe there are some other things to avoid using his phone to control his Buwizz?

  23. You can use a game controller that is compatible with your phone and the BrickController 2 application to control BuWizz –

  24. Can we do it with another bluetooth remote control than the one in your video (ipega). Can a Playstation or Lego controller work?

    • The Lego controller does not work. It might work with another Bluetooth controller, you need to check if it is compatible with your phone.

  25. which app to use for my model 42069: Buwizz App or Buwizz Legacy App? What is the difference ?

    • They offer pretty much the same functionality at the moment. The new app will have more features added, it has a basic support of the new Control+ Technic hub.

  26. Can we manage to put the added parts to motorize the 42069 by simply looking at your video of assembly of the parts to be added or it is necessary to buy the manual of assembly?

  27. how much extension should I use and for which engine knowing that I do not use a motor to operate the pistons under the hood.

    • I suggest to have a look at the instructions, once you purchase them you’ll be able to see what you need that fits the version you’d like to build.

  28. do you need connections for the 2 front engines running the two front tracks? And for lights it takes?

  29. Can I replace your M motor to motorize the winch in your model 42069 with an L motor?

  30. Hello I received my Lego 42069 but not yet my engines and my batteries. Can I already start my model without integrating the engines and the extra parts where I have to wait until I have everything to start it. If yes I can start without the engines and the extra parts then which part of the model can I start building without changing with the modifications then? Thank you for enlightening me because it has been 2 months since I have this model but still not the possibility of buying the BUWIZZ, the extra parts and the engines.

    • If you purchase the instructions for the RC mod you’ll see what parts are modified, but I would suggest to wait for all components before starting it

  31. My RC mode is exactly like your apart that in mine I removed the motor actuating the lifting roof and the motor actuating the movable pistons. However I have an L motor for the winch so I can start all parts of the model except the tracks because I only make modifications to the tracks, to the front winch and to the place where the servomotor is placed. . So according to you, is my organization good since I don’t need additional parts and that these additional parts are mostly used to adapt the engines to the tracks? In addition, the tracks are independent of the model during construction so I could build them separately from the model.

  32. The tracks can be built separately, but you’ll need to think about the motor placement for the winch during the build, and also where you put your battery boxes.

  33. The 2 BUWIZZ will be placed as on yours and are there any additional parts added to integrate the servomotor? I will also delete the axis which crosses the vehicle allowing to actuate the winch since from now on I have 1 engine.

  34. What are the parts and more to integrate the servomotor and the engine for the winch? Until which page number can I go to build what does not ask for more parts? Currently I can not buy more parts and the installation instruction manual in additions and engines. On the other hand I have the official manual bought with my set but that it will step by without me compelled to redemon afterwards?

  35. What are the additional parts to integrate the servomotor and the winch motor? What page number can I go to to build what doesn’t require the need for extra parts? Currently I cannot purchase additional parts and the installation manual for additional parts and motors. On the other hand I have the official manual bought with my set but which stage can I carry out without being obliged to reassemble afterwards?

  36. I bought your instructions and built the mod (thanks!), but replaced the Servo with an M motor, and used the big Akku boxes instead of the small ones.

    It runs well at first, but as soon as it runs over carpet, it becomes slow and then stops, and then makes some whiny noises.
    When I pick it up in the air, wheels run well again.

    Any idea? I thought maybe Sbrick overheating, or motor overheating? Or Akku box?

    In your vid it runs fine over grass!!

    • Did you use 2 AA battery boxes or one? It’s better to have two for this amount of motors. Make sure the batteries are either new (alkaline) or fully charged. You need to consider also the extra weight the vehicle needs to carry if you use AA battery boxes, that might be the reason why it cannot perform well on a carpet.
      In general the resistance of the tracks is much higher than the wheels’, that’s one of the reasons why BuWizz units are recommended to power this mod.

      • I use two of the big battery boxes.

        I now bought 2 Buwizz, just in case. Let’s see how it works.

        Do you think motors could have individual problems?
        Akkus were fully charged.

        Maybe some misconstruction? Other axles??

        • You can try to test the 4 motors and 4 tracks individually to see if there’s any problem with the construction. 2 AA battery boxes add a lot of weight, and if you were using rechargeable batteries that means the motors were driven only with 7.2 Volts. I suggest to try with the BuWizz units first, it should have a much better performance.

  37. I used 2 rechargeable LEGO battery boxes (8878)

    • Maybe those are better than individual Akkus…??

      I just ordered two Buwizz. Let’s see!

      Do you think the Buwizz es would fit in front of the car? Where the fake engine is, I mean. I don’t use the fake engine anyway.

      Other question: what do you think about XL motors? Would the car be slower when I use those?

      • I don’t think the BuWizz units would fit in the front, but they fit perfectly in the back. XL motors would make the car much slower and would be very difficult to integrate in the axles due to their size.

  38. Thanks, the Buwizzes work really great!

    Great instructions and awesome customer support, high recommendation!

    One more question: You also used the Brick Controller 2 app, right?

    The Buwizz app can’t connect to Gamepad, so I also installed Brick Controller 2.

    Everything works fine except Servo (I now installed Servo for steering, just like in your instructions).

    Is there some setting I need to adjust?

    Best regards,

    • There should be no special settings in the app for the Power Functions servo, axis type should be normal just like for the others. Try to put the servo on a different port.

  39. Good Day,
    I have purchased your RC instructions, however one question: if all I want to add to the original 42069 is the RC tank steering, only one BuWizz is needed correct ? I would connect all 4 L motors to each Buwizz connector (ie servo not needed). Can I use your instructions just for the track and build the rest of the body with the original instructions? (it’s clear I would lose the automatic roof, winch etc)

    • Yes, this should be possible, although you’ll need to lock the HOG steering as well.

      • Hello, I would like to know if the 42069 set that you have motorized with the Buwizz and the motors might need any additional Lego parts to fit 4 L motor and 1 servo motor only? I want to do like you but without operating the roof, the yellow piston engine and the winch. Simply 4 L motor for the 4 tracks and a servo motor for the steering. Can I do this only with parts from the original Lego set 42069 and without purchasing additional parts?

    • Bonjour, je voudrais savoir si le set 42069 que vous avez motorisé avec les Buwizz et les moteurs peut nécessiter aucune pièces Lego supplémentaires pour adapter 4 L moteur et 1 servo-moteur seulement ? Je veux faire comme Racing Brick mais sans actionner le toit, le moteur à pistons jaunes et le treuil. Simplement 4 moteur L pour les 4 chenilles et un servo-moteur pour la direction. Puis-je le faire seulement avec les pièces du set Lego d’origine 42069 et sans pour cela acheter de pièces supplémentaires ?

  40. Hello, I would like to know if the 42069 set that you have motorized with the Buwizz and the motors might need any additional Lego parts to fit 4 L motor and 1 servo motor only? I want to do like Racing Brick but without operating the roof, the yellow piston engine and the winch. Simply 4 L motor for the 4 tracks and a servo motor for the steering. Can I do this only with parts from the original Lego set 42069 and without purchasing additional parts?

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