LEGO Technic 42079 Heavy Duty Forklift RC mod with building instructions

LEGO® Technic 42079 Heavy Duty Forklift remote control modification with Power Functions or Powered Up components. The aim was to motorize as many functions as possible while preserving the original look of the set and not using too many electric components.

Features are:

– M motor that powers 2 different functions – it can drive the vehicle or it can control the fork elevation. There’s a function selector on the side of the vehicle to choose between these two functions
– M motor for steering (return to center with rubber band)
– Mast tilt angle is controlled manually with a linear actuator instead of the previous mechanism to achieve precision control
– controlled with a Power Functions IR receiver and IR remote or a Powered Up remote
– powered by a Power Functions AAA Battery Box or a Powered Up hub

Fake engine had to be removed to provide some space for the motors and the battery box. Compared to the B model this forklift had very little space inside.

Part list is available at the end of the pdf instructions and on rebrickable:

Building instructions can be purchased here:

More pictures about the mod:

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