42065 RC Tracked Racer + SBrick + Android game controller

I created a separate video with the following setup – 2 buggy motors + BuWizz + SBrick and controlled with an Android-compatible game controller through the great SBrickController app of imurvai – you can find the link to the app in this Eurobricks forum thread.

I was not aiming for maximum speed here as the power output of the BuWizz unit cannot be changed (yet) when it is used as a power source, but personally I still prefer physical controls so there it is 🙂

You can see in the video how the app is configured. As I could not use the known setup of the SBrick app for tracked vehicles (joystick controls turned by 45 degrees) in this case, I assigned the forward/backward movement to the left joy, and the left/right turn to the right joy. The commands are somehow overlapping I suppose but it still works pretty well 🙂

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