42065 RC Tracked Racer + 2 buggy motors + BuWizz – inner details

Thank you very much for your nice feedback on the previous post & video, really appreciated! Most of you were interested in the details of the 2 buggy motors + BuWizz configuration, so here you go 🙂

You can find below some detailed photos of this version:

On the last one you can see a previous version of the chassis as well. I tested the setup first with the lower-speed output of the Buggy motor, this way I could keep the original hinge for the body. I could not resist to stick to the higher-speed output later 🙂



  1. Many thanks for providing such detailed photographs of the construction! This helped tremendously!

    Thank you very much!

  2. James Harrison

    Great work. How have you connected buwizz to the motors. Have you made your own cable?

    • No, I simply use the original cables for the buggy motors and PF extension cables. Theoretically it’d be enough to use the extension cables as you can connect them to the buggy motor directly, but based on my experience they do not fit as tight as the original cables so the connection might be lost.

  3. Did you tried the 2 buggy motors with the original battery and IR receiver? How much speed difference is there?

    • You can’t run 2 buggy motors from a single Power Functions battery box and the IR receiver. You can try one buggy motor but it will provide significantly less power than the BuWizz unit.

  4. In another configuration of this type at the power level, is it wise and necessary to connect two Buggys engines on two BuWizzs ?
    (A buggy engine by BuWizz).

    Is it the same equivallante configuration with two Buggys engines plugged into a BuWizz, or else it is useful to connect the two Buggys engines on the same base 1 of the BuWizz or better calf to distribute them on bases 1 and 2 or 1 and 3 or 1 and 4 of BuWizz ?

    • You can attach 2 buggy motors to 1 BuWizz unit (best to use outputs 1 & 3), but don’t expect to run them in fast and ludicrous mode. They can be run in normal mode on an average model without too much load.

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