LEGO® Technic 42065 RC Tracked Racer buggy motor & BuWizz upgrade

Building instructions to upgrade the 42065 RC Tracked Racer with buggy motors and BuWizz units.

Building instructions are available as a pdf download. Part list can be found at the end of the pdf file and can be found on Rebrickable as well.

You will need the original building instructions for this model from Lego.

Where you see “Original steps x-y” please follow the original instructions.

The mod uses:

Why do you need 2 BuWizz units?

To use the full power of the Buggy motors you need to use 2 BuWizz units. If you only want to run the buggy motors in low/normal mode then it is possible to use a single BuWizz unit.

If you want to try with one BuWizz you can follow the steps below.

You’ll need 4 extra 15100 pieces:

Add them to the BuWizz unit:

Now you’ll need to move the 2 pins towards the end by 2 holes:

You can install the BuWizz unit now. Please note that you’ll need to remove the beams connecting the two sides first to be able to install the BuWizz unit.

BuWizz app configuration

To control the Racer use the 2 unit profile (Crane profile):

Use the customize button to add / remove the controls to have 2 sliders to control the left and right tracks:

Once you have the controls assign one vertical slider to output 1 of the first unit, the other vertical slider to output 1 of the second unit

Once you’re done with the configuration you can start the profile:

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